Over the weekend we had a huge snow storm. It was wonderful! The kind I used to get when I was a kid. Deep powdery snow drifting into soft mounds around the house. I get so excited to see the dingy winter world transformed into some sort of sparkly wonderland.

I was hoping the boys would spend more than thirty minutes outside and to my delight our first trip into the frosty snow piles on Saturday lasted over an hour. Duncan stalked about like the abominable snow man, oblivious to wind and snow still beating down. Owen was at first not willing to be put down and was trying to find a place to play out of the wind, but he eventually got used to it. On Sunday the wind was gone and the air was still, allowing for even more time to play.

We made fun memories in the house too, making sugar cookies, snow shakes, and Ina’s maple oatmeal scones (which we also delivered to two sets of neighbors). We played games and watched Notorious and Public Enemies, both of which I’d been wanting to see. I worked on Christmas gifts. It was a cozy weekend. I hope yours was too.

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